The Partnership for Infrastructure Project Excellence (PIPE) is an association of stakeholders dedicated to ensuring fair competition for America’s infrastructure projects that are bid at the federal and state levels. PIPE is the nation’s leading organization educating policymakers on the valuable role of flexible pipe in providing economical and environmentally friendly alternatives for infrastructure projects.
The Partnership for Infrastructure Project Excellence (PIPE) was created to ensure the preservation of fair competition and minimum federal standards in the selection of culvert pipe for use in federally funded transportation related contracts
Member-supported PIPE works to educate policymakers about this important issue and advance commonsense, pro-taxpayer solutions to our Nation's infrastructure needs.  But PIPE is only as strong as our members, which is why we need you to join us.

Today, five leading stakeholders in the U.S. construction industry announced the formation of a new policy coalition to promote fair competition in federal transportation infrastructure contracting.  Headquartered in Washington, DC, the Partnership for Infrastructure Project Excellence (PIPE),, was founded by the Plastic Pipe Institute, Advanced Drainage Systems, Lane Sy...